Marijuana may be a rare commodity for most people in the United States, but Willie Nelson never has to worry about it! The Red Headed Stranger (and noted pot enthusiast) says that he's ended some shows with pounds of weed on the stage.

Nelson recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about his history with marijuana and the fact that most of the time it's just given to him. Shotgun Willie says that while he has run out of pot in the past, it usually doesn't take long for someone to replenish his supply.

"Oh yeah, I've run out," says the 'Band of Brothers' singer. "But usually somebody will bring us some weed. Never have to buy any. Somebody just gives you all you can smoke."

Nelson has had a colorful past with the psychoactive substance, being arrested at least four times in various states throughout the United States. So where does the outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana say the best pot comes from?

"We played up in Northern California last year, up there where all the good weed grows," he says. "I think when we left the concert, there were probably eight or 10 pounds of weed on the stage. Yeah, because that's where they grow it all. All the great growers in that area, they're proud of their weed over there."

Nelson's most recent studio album, 'Band of Brothers,' had a huge No. 1 debut on the Billboard Country chart, and he just finished up a tour with Alison Krauss.