It's happening today, October 1, some parks around Lake Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lake will close for the winter.


That word comes from a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers news release Tuesday.


Temple Daily Telegram reports the announcement was last-minute because Corps of Engineers staff was working with local groups to try to keep some of the parks open.


Apparently the parks will close because there won't be anybody to clean them up, dump the trash and the like. Also illegal dumping is a big problem.


None one of the parks around Stillhouse Hollow Lake will fully shut down and only four parks around Lake Belton— Owl Creek Park, Winkler Park, White Flint Park and Sparta Valley Park — will fully close for the winter.


US Army Corps of Engineers Website


The Central Texas Marine Association  said they’ll clean Arrowhead Park so it will stay open.


Patrons will still be able to launch boats at the closed parks but fewer boat ramps will be open.


All facilities will open a month earlier in the spring on March 1, 2015.