I was raised in North Dakota.  I loved it.  The reason I loved it was because it was all I knew.  Short summers, long cold winters.  That, to me, was "the norm".  I came to Central Texas for an interview in February of 2002.  It was below zero with dangerous wind chill factors.  When I got to Texas, sunny and in the 70's.  I couldn't believe it.  Not that it was in the 70's, no, I was fine with that.  I couldn't believe people were wearing coats.  I couldn't believe that this amazing February weather was considered "cool".  Of course, after I experienced a Texas Summer, I could see a person point.  That's why I tell everyone they should experience a Winter in another part of the country, to really appreciate how great it is down here.  Sunday was a perfect example.

This is a look at the weather in Temple yesterday..

The Weather Channel

This is a look at the weather in Bismarck North Dakota Sunday.  Notice the amount of snow.

The Weather Channel

Need some more visuals?  Here is the mall by my old house.

Will Kincade/Tribune

I called an old friend, and he was spending the night at work, because the store he manages had an malfunction with the fire alarm.  When ever he turned it on, it would go off and bring the fire department down to him.  So, to protect them from having to have to travel in this type of weather, he shut it off and stayed up all night to be a human fire alarm.

Bismarck Tribune

I looked at the local papers here in Central Texas and it had nothing "special" about weather on the front page.  Because it was somewhat expected.  Think about what you did  yesterday.  Then think about what you could've done yesterday if you lived up North.  It's a few months away from Thanksgiving, but we should be thankful today.  It's also the reason my family doesn't want me to get fired.  Not that they want me to be successful,  but  because they'll have a place to visit in the winter.