KWTX reports that a couple of men jumped into a running car at the H-E-B in Killeen and drove away as the vehicle's owner tried to load up her groceries.

It's a crazy thing that you have to keep both eyes open to your surroundings even on a Saturday morning at the grocery store. Police could not figure out why the woman left her car running while she loaded her groceries.

The crime happened around 8:30am Friday morning at H-E-B on Trimmier Rd. The owner of the stolen vehicle managed to get help from another person who passed by as the theft took place. The vehicles owner was able to pursue her stolen car with the help of this passerby. As the owner followed, she called police for help.

During the pursuit the owner saw a passenger jump from her red Volkswagen near Trimmier and Stagecoach road. Her stolen car kept going for a few more blocks before police managed to stop it.

Both the men who stole the vehicle are in police custody but their names had not been released as of Friday.

2511 Trimmier Road via googlemaps
2511 Trimmier Road via googlemaps

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