Half naked women fighting in the streets of Austin? Apparently!

This video posted on Sportsmasher.com is flying around the internet of a female street fight that happened along 6th Street and was posted to YouTube on February 21st. It appears to be a couple of different groups gathered for two different bachelorette parties who begin fighting along the street.

The video shows language, nudity, and fists flying as people in the crowd try to pose for photos in front of the brawl, only to be pushed back into the crowd of bystanders by police. Some other person appears to be dancing as the police try to arrest those involved in the fight.

Additional photos of the fight can be found here. While Sportsmasher.com may think this is one of the "best street fights ever filmed", the behavior of all the individuals involved in the fight is pretty sad and isn't exactly representative of most people who seek out a good time in the capital city.

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