Do you remember the first time you heard about the Guinness Book of World Records?

I was amazed that you could become world famous for doing stupid things.  Of course this was a good 30 years before the Kardashians. Now with the internet, and all the instant access to world events, being stupid is so much easier.

There was an episode of Happy Days where everyone was trying to set records. One was how many quarters you could balance on your elbow then catch in your hand.

I was too small for quarters, so me, and everyone at my school, started with dimes. That was the first time I noticed that my hands were smaller than everyone else’s. And then depression set in.

Anyway, here are three world records that are owned by the state of Texas. No, the “Most People Doing Snow Angels” is not one of them. That belongs to North Dakota.

  • Largest Gingerbread House

    Traditions Club

    November 2013 the folks in Bryan, Texas built something really sweet. The Largest Gingerbread House. How sweet was it? How about 35,823,400 calories sweet.

    If you want to break the record, you might want to start saving money for groceries.This took 1,800 pounds of butter, 3,000 pounds of sugar, 7,200 eggs,and 7,200 pounds of flour.


  • Fastest Foot Sandwich

    Rob Williams

    Austins' own Rob Williams, Aka Gyro from the Flaming Idiots, made a Bologna, cheese and lettuce sandwich, complete with olives on cocktail sticks, in 1 min 57 sec at the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime on November 10th, 2000.

    I don't think the interesting thing here is that he makes it, it's that someone then eats it.

  • Most Breast Milk Donated


    This sounds so weird you know it must be true, because, who would make this up.

    In March of 2014 Alyse Ogletree, from Argyle Texas, in Denton County, donated her last amount of breast milk. She started in January. Her total was 1569.79 litres, or 53,081 fl oz.