Confession - I love ducks. They're my second favorite animals after dogs, and one of the reasons Miller Park in Temple is my favorite place to spend a Saturday with my dog, Leela. She loves sniffing every blade of grass and treeing squirrels, and I love sitting by the pond and just watching the ducks.

My dream is to someday have a nice little house in the country with a duck pond of my own. Until then, I have my growing rubber duck collection to tide me over.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
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Since my bosses are determined to make me take time off this summer instead of saving all my vacation days for the winter season (I'm not a summer person at all), I'm trying to make plans to see some some cool stuff in the Lone Star State.

How's this for cool? The world's largest rubber duck is coming to Fort Worth!

Forth Worth Magazine's Samantha Calimbahin reports that the massive mallard will be at Trinity Park from July 23-25 for the #KindnessDuck Party, and she won't be alone. The 6-story tall mama will bring along her 10-foot-tall baby.

The goal isn't just to delight the crowd, but to promote kindness. The free event is all about bringing people together and remind us all that even when the world seems like such a negative place where everyone's divided, we all have basic things in common that should unite us, including or capacity for kindness.

I love it!

Something I don't talk about much in my articles is the fact that I struggle with chronic depression and anxiety. I manage them though, and a big part of that has been my love of ducks. It may seem silly, but watching videos of ducks on YouTube and Instagram and watching them waddle and paddle in real life has a calming and uplifting effect on me.

So, the idea of a giant rubber ducky being a symbol for kindness is just perfect.

Plus, everything is bigger in Texas, right? Mama and her giant baby will fit in just fine here!

Take a look at this video from the time the world's largest rubber duck visited Toronto to get an idea of just how massive mama is.

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