Some people miss meat so much, they'll try anything to get the look of it without the hurting the animal.

It's pink like a steak. It looks like a ham. It's really a watermelon, cooked like a brisket. Go ahead, take a minute to process that.

When I was young, watermelon was my favorite fruit. And that was before they made "seedless" watermelons. Yep, I would pick and spit out all the seeds and still be happy as a child eating my slice of watermelon. Then, some cousin gave me a slice of beer watermelon. Ruined the whole experience of watermelon forever. But putting beer in watermelon is minor compared to what some New Yorkers have done to it.

Duck's Eatery trimmed a watermelon, soaked it in brine for four days, smoked it for 8 hours, then roast it in it's own juice and rosemary. It comes out looking like a ham, but it's pink like a rare steak.

The question becomes, would you eat this?


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