Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip..... Young or old, we all know the tune about the 7 castaways aboard the Minnow.  Soon it's going to be heard a lot more.

There's a "Gilligan's Island" movie in the works.  Yep, get ready for Hollywood's latest revision of childhood classics.  Josh Gad, who played Steve Wozniak in the movie "Jobs", is going to co-write it plus play one of the parts.  There's no word on who he'll play.

Who should play the iconic parts? One writer I ran across had made some interesting picks for who should play what roles and I thought I'd share them because I think they're spot on.


Gilligan:  Justin Long

Skipper:  John Goodman

The Professor:  Steve Carell

Mary Ann:  Jennifer Lawrence

Ginger:  Christina Hendricks

Mr. Howell:  Tom Hanks

Mrs. Howell:  Meryl Streep