Here it is, the Perfect Gift for someone you don’t really want to buy a gift for, The Holstein Pet Treat Maker.  It’s a panini press for your dog.   No the dog doesn't use it, you do.   You can make the paninis shaped like bones or paws.  By the way, dogs don’t care what shape their food is,  ever notice, they will eat practically anything, especially if you put peanut butter on it.  Witness Groucho.

Groucho trying to get at the Peanut Butter in the Toy

But if they did like shapes…why make a biscuit in the shape of a paw?  Would you like to eat a hand shaped biscuit?  Make it Cat Shaped.  Anyway the pet treat maker costs 24.99 and comes with recipes.

One last request for the family of Julia, Please do not every buy this for me.    Now I might get it for my Mother-in-law,  Hey yeah, for Mothers Day,  only it might make a better gift…. if she had a Dog.

What do you think space waster or something you would want in your kitchen?  Leave a comment.