'X Factor' Season 3 hopeful Rachel Potter is 29, but she looks terrific for her age -- like a teenage version of 'Glee' star Lea Michele. She's been relegated to tending bar in Nashville and felt she needed to catch a break by trying out for 'X Factor,' since there's so much talent to compete with in Music City.

For her big moment, Potter sang a countrified version of Queen's epic power ballad 'Somebody to Love.'

Before she launched into a gorgeous version of the sweeping song, she admitted that she has always had the dream to be a country singer, but is forced to watch 15 year olds get the record deals. Potter is no spring chicken, but proves that she is a fine wine when it comes to her vocal ability.

Take a seat -- she will knock you on your rump with her vocal power and prowess.

Judge Kelly Rowland was feeling Potter, rocking out in her seat, while Demi Lovato and the crowd gave her a standing O.

Potter seemed genuinely overwhelmed, sheepish and shy at receiving such a massive judge and crowd response to her rendition of an emotional song. The reaction of the judges pretty much ensured that she would be moving on to the next round.

Rowland said it best, proclaiming, "You are a beast."

Perhaps Tate Stevens won't be the first country contestant to go far on the show. Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' was covered this season, as well, by an inspiring young girl with big dreams.

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