Aaron, the same person that drank the 26 year old coke that I found in the B106 transmitter building, wandered by my office to try one of these watermelon Oreo cookies that everyone has been talking about at the Radio Station.  First of all he has the NERVE to ask if they are stale...  Seriously?  The guy who drank what he himself described as old flat coke that has 'HOSE WATER' in it, has the nerve to ask if the cookies are stale?  Well, being the germ-o-phobe that I am, of course they are in a sealed package.  He tried one and mid-chew I sprang some questions on him for my enjoyment, and hopefully yours as well!

Evidently to make Aaron happy you must have the ability to stomach watermelon Oreo cookies and also be able to tolerate his abnormally strong pimp-hand!  LOL... Once again I have to say that it is AWESOME working at a radio station where I can do stuff like this!