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text me. 262.404.3664

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  After suffering a season-ending injury in late October, the Houston Texans star defensive end has a lot of extra time on his hands. What better way to spend it than text his millions of fans? Watt posted a video on his Instagram page saying he is going to try the "new thing" where celebrities (he doesn't call himself a celebrity) put their number out there for fans to communicate with him. His caption is simply 'Text me' followed by the number. He said since he was brand new to it he may not get back with anyone, but it appears he has had at least a couple of conversations. He took to Twitter shortly after the post and posted some screenshots of his back and forth with fans. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


My favotire part about all this is J.J.'s younger brother, Pittsburgh Steelers outside linbacker T.J. Watt, jumping in on his instagram with the comment, "He doesn’t even respond to my texts people... good luck!", and then calling him out on Twitter with, "Are our group texts that boring?"

I think Watt is the man, but I don't know what I'd text the guy. I won't. But hey if you want to this is the time.

Here's my Instagram @havenmedrano nothing groundbreaking on it like J.J.'s

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