As more details come to light in the shocking murder of two Bell County residents, police continue to interview Darrell Wayne Parker to find out what could possibly motivate him to commit this heinous crime.A second capital murder charge could soon be filed in the deaths of former high school and middle school coach Chuck Youngblood and his wife Cathy.  In recent interviews, neighbors of the accused killer commented how how calm and polite he was in the days leading up to and after the death of his stepfather and mother.

Parker was spotted driving a grey Chevrolet Trailblazer on the day that Chuck and Cathy Youngblood were discovered shot to death in their home.  A neighbor commented to the police that she thought he was a lucky guy for his parents to give him a car.

The Trailblazer would become the albatross around Parker's neck when it along with information from neighbors allowed police to locate him at a home in Little River.

Chuck Youngblood was a strong member of the Central Texas Community. He started his school career as Special Education teacher at Belton ISD, then went on to work for Lorena ISD and eventually Carver Middle School in Waco.  He was also a former head football coach for Evant ISD.

His wife Cathy Youngblood worked at Texell Credit Union in Temple for more than 15 years.  She was remembered by friends and neighbors as an amazing person that was liked and respected by all the people she worked with.

The Youngbloods, who were both victims of several fatal gunshots, were pronounced dead at their home on Willow Grove Road in Troy Texas January 15th.