Zac Brown's look is evolving! If the singer seems a bit classier these days, it's because he's lost weight and has traded his famous beanie for some stylish new hats to start fresh with his latest partnership.

Not only has Brown last 30 pounds, but he's also shed his signature crochet lid. Photos from recent events, including the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Fest, above, show the 'Chicken Fried' hitmaker's suave new look well.

The change is a result of Brown's recently announced strategic -- albeit slightly complicated -- new partnership with Universal’s John Varvatos Records, Big Machine Label Group and Republic Records.

“I think we got the dream together,” Brown reveals. “I sought out John because of his execution as a brand master with Varvatos -- I don’t think anyone’s in his league or arena in what he does. And the horsepower [Republic and Big Machine] have in what they’ve done and to have all this together is a huge deal. It’s a big day to get it together, and an evolution of the band continuing to grow and to better ourselves."

As it turns out "bettering" himself artistically and career-wise also included a clean, new look.

Big Machine Label Group's President/Founder Scott Borchetta is a big fan of Brown, admitting he's wanted to work with the talented musician "from day one. So over the years, knowing him from a distance, I was always working the managers [ROAR’s Bernie Cahill and Will Ward] and just really admiring the musicianship and the trueness of everything Zac and his band stand for."

Zac Brown Band are known for a ridiculous number of hits -- 'Colder Weather,' 'As She's Walking Away,' 'Toes,' 'The Wind' ... -- but it would seem that the group will only gain momentum moving in to a new year.

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