I haven't seen "Jurassic World" but I have seen the previews, including the scene where Chris Pratt holds back the raptors with upraised hands.  Zookeepers around the world are re-doing that scene with their own unruly creatures. 

I'm just gonna show you the ones I like best.  Make sure you check out the last one.


OMG, imagine if she was not there to get these turtles under control!


Corral those Petulant Penguins!


They call these Veloci-otters.  Steady there!


Get out of the water!!!!



I definitely don't want to be around when these chickens lose it!



Danger is everywhere, even here at the studio, where Salespeople go wild if you let them out of their cages!


These Sales Folks Can Be Ruthless/Photo by Dave Howard