We saw this truck drivin' around Temple. Now that's a Texan! Since it's usually not safe to take photos while you drive, we let twitter watch the roads while we looked for Texas bumper stickers!

  • Keep Austin Weird

    Sometimes weird is good, right? Did you know the FBI ranked Austin the 12th safest city in the nation in 2012?

  • Brisket Is My Spirit Animal

    Once you have had good Texas brisket, your ready for more. So is this dude! Who's got the best brisket in the Killeen/Temple area? My vote is Miller's.

  • Sometimes They Get Political

    Actually, the state nut is the pecan. The state cooking implement is the cast iron Dutch oven stove. Fit that one on a bumper sticker.

  • I Brake For Buc-ees

    I've seen "follow me to Buc-ees" on a sticker before, but not this one yet. Cleanest bathrooms on earth, y'all!


  • What's Not To Love?

    God Bless Texas!



  • Texan Behind The Wheel

    Getting used to the speed limit in Texas is an adjustment everyone makes (hopefully). Some would say this sticker should be required for our road trips outside the Lone Star State (If anyone can read it as we fly past).


  • Texan By The Grace Of God

    Loud and Proud! We like it!