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Big D & Bubba Mornings

Hosted by Big D & Bubba

Start your day off right with Big D & Bubba! Country legends, chart toppers, and newcomers stop by the studio all the time, and you’re guaranteed to laugh along with the guys and Producer Patrick as you make your way to…

Afternoons with Wes Adams

Hosted by Wes Adams

Wes Adams is the voice of weekday afternoons on KUSJ, bringing you home or through a shift change with the Best New Country in Central Texas, your calls, and lots of fun! Catch him weekdays and Saturdays from 2PM to 7PM on U.S. 10…

Taste of Country Nights

Hosted by Sam Alex

Taste of Country Nights is a perfect blend of great country music, real life and artist interviews that feels like hanging out with old friends. The show broadcasts live from Nashville to nearly 100 radio stations nationwide. Sam …