There is Country, and then there is Texas Country! A look at 10 reasons why Texan's are tops when it comes to "Doing it Country"!

  • 1

    We Support The Rodeo!

    In Texas, we don't miss a chance to see the Rodeo!

    K 1017 via youtube
    K 1017 via youtube
  • 2

    We know how to make Chilli!

    In Texas, Chili is made without beans!

  • 3

    Texas is the best place to watch the sunrise!

    There is no better view anyplace on earth.

  • 4

    We spend summertime on the river.

    You can't beat tubing in Texas on a warm summer day!

  • 5

    We reach for Blue Bell Ice Cream!

    Texan's love Blue Bell so much the recalls don't even register!

  • 6

    Football is best in Texas!

    Looking for Texans on a Sunday? Look for football and you'll find us!

  • 7

    Texas is home to H-E-B!

    No self-respecting Texan would shop anyplace else!

  • 8

    The Best BBQ in the Nation!

    If you are in Texas, you are in Bar-Be-Que heaven!

  • 9

    Cowboys Like Us!

    In Texas we can still call on the cowboys to help our local law enforcement!

  • 10

    Nobody says "You guys".

    In Texas there is a different word for "you guys". It's Y'all!

    via Dani's designs
    via Dani's designs

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