Ya'll know I really do not like talking about anything Khardasian.  But the lip thing has got me rolling on the floor!

Okay here is the situation. This Is Kylie Jenner (she is half Khardasian on her Momma's side). She has full lips now.


So teenage girls and young women who can't afford to pay a doctor to give them Kylie Lips are taking what's now called the "Kylie Jenner Challenge". They put a shot glass on their lips and suck real hard, making homemade puffy lips. They then post the pictures. All I can say is these girls and guys are STUPID!




This guy is kinda off too!




Some of them end up in pain. Can this all be real?





See what I mean by STUPID!


Well for her part Kylie says she has not had any lip injections or surgery.  I must admit she does not look as grotesque as these other people.  She also does not condone what they are doing.


Kylie advises: Be Yourself People!


I second that emotion!