Texas based businesses took a few of the top spots this year in a list of 300 of the world’s top female-friendly companies.

Women across the world have been fighting for centuries to show just how powerful and smart they truly are. Of course, we know that change and progress don't happen overnight, but are accomplished by taking small steps and actions daily.

Who Created The List?

Forbes and market research company Statista partnered together to compile the 2021 list of the world’s top female-friendly companies.


There's no better way to get your information than by going directly to the source, AKA working women. Statista surveyed 85,000 women in 40 countries. All surveys were anonymous, which allowed participants to openly share their opinions.

Respondents were asked to rate their employers' performance on gender-related criteria and their willingness to recommend their employer to others. They were also asked to evaluate other employers in their respective industries.

Statista also asked respondents to rate companies based on their corporate responsibility, marketing campaigns, and public perception as related to gender equality. The final list ranks the 300 companies that received the most recommendations and boast the most gender diverse boards and executive ranks.

The Rankings: Who Was #1?

The Hershey company came in at #1 on the list. The CEO of Hershey's currently is Michele Buck, who worked her way to the position in 2017 and is also included in the small percentage of women CEOs in the Fortune 500. Buck is actually the first woman to run the company in its 127 year history.

Source: The Hershey Company, Globenewswire PR
Source: The Hershey Company, Globenewswire PR

Hershey's prides themselves on pay equity, and has also made several other notable efforts to support women, including the formation of a women's business resource group, the expansion of family-focused benefits like fertility benefits and paid paternity leave, and the establishment of career development programs for underrepresented groups.

As reported in Hershey's 2020 Sustainability Report, the company has 48.1 percent gender diversity around the world, 37.4 percent of people leaders globally are women, and the Board of Directors has 42 percent gender diversity.

"Guided by The Pathways Project, we continue to advance progress around gender equity – a core component of our greater DEI strategy," said Alicia Petross, Chief Diversity Officer of The Hershey Company. "At Hershey, we are more than female friendly – we are female forward. From internal initiatives, such as pay equity, our hiring and development strategy and women's business resource group, to external initiatives, such as the International Women's Day HerSHEy's bar and our ongoing community engagement efforts to support all youth, this recognition is a testament to our continued commitment to gender equity across our organization."

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For a look at the full list of companies click here. To see which companies in Texas came out on top just keep scrolling.

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