Finally, a new "Best of" list I can raise my glass too. Men's Journal listed two Texas bars on their list of "The Best Places to Drink a Beer in America" article and now I must hit the road to experience them myself.

Planning a road trip by way of BBQ is a bucket list trip I've always wanted to take. Texas offers some of the best BBQ joints in the nation so planning my summer road trip is starting to take shape. Now I can hit a couple of the "Best Places to Drink a Beer" cities along the way.

Men's Journal published a list of their favorite places in the U.S. to drink a beer and both Texas places are within driving distance... sort of.

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Let's start with Howard's in Shiner Texas, the home of Shiner Beer. According to The Texas Bucket List, Howards is your one stop shop for everything, literally everything, as Howards is a convenience store that sells gas, ammo, bait and beer. Plus live music on the stage out back, Howards is definitely a place to visit if you ever find yourself driving from San Antonio to Houston.

Next up is Banger's in Austin. Located at 79 Rainey Street and offering 30 types of homemade sausages, 100 beers on tap and live Americana and Country music. From the description I can see why it would land on the list.

Having a drink with friends just about anywhere is usually a good time, hitting one of these establishments might just take the experience to another level.

Remember, drink responsibly.

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