It's time to officially start panicking that you haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Sure you have something in mind for mom and dad. But what about for your internet-obsessed brother or your boyfriend who spends more time on Reddit than he does at work? Where are the 2012 Black Friday deals for them?

Here are seven gifts you can give to any lover of memes, internet culture, or just being as completely ironic as possible at all times. Good luck. And good hunting. For gifts. (Click the links below to purchase.) 

Success Kid Statue ($12.99)


ErmahgerdGoosebumps! ($16.29)


Maru the Cat the Book ($10.87)


Sh*t Girls Say Book ($5.95)


Honey Boo Boo Coffee Mug ($12.95)


The Honey Badger Book ($10.19)


Guy Fieri Cookbook ($17.98)

Culinary Cellar