Blake Shelton only has two horses left in the race on 'The Voice' in the form of Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope. Neither performer is "country," but Shelton is still doing his very best to foster and develop his talent, regardless of their chosen genre. On tonight's (Nov. 19) performance episode, Shelton's rockers gave it their all.

Here's how things shook out for McDermott and Pope.

The Scottish rocker McDermott went first. He sang Bryan Adams' hit from the '80s, 'Summer of '69.' It was the right song for the rock singer, since his voice can handle big, bold, stadium-sized rock tunes like this. Shelton understands rock music inherently, which is evidenced as he works with McDermott. Shelton played air guitar while watching his charge perform, and even gave him a standing ovation. "You remind me about everything that I love about rock 'n' roll," Shelton said. "You are walking on sacred ground and you are welcomed. Thanks for choosing me as your coach and making me look so smart."

What a bromance between mentor and pupil!

Pope was beyond stoked that it was America that got her to the Top 10 of Season 3 of 'The Voice.' Shelton had her perform 'Over You,' the song he co-wrote with his wife Miranda Lambert about the death of his brother. It was loaded with meaning for the singer, so the fact that he wanted his team member to sing it spoke volumes about how deeply he cares for her.

Pope is known for her sassy, pop rock style, but she showed her softer, semi-country side with this performance. She summoned all the emotion in her core to deliver the song. It was powerful, moving and touching, and forever linked her to her coach. It also made us yearn for her to continue along with this style, since it suited her.

Post-performance, Shelton said that the song is of major personal significance, but that Pope's rendition made it sound new to him. That's the biggest compliment he could have paid her. She sure made her coach proud. We bet Lambert loved it, too.

Both of Team Blake's remaining performers delivered their personal best tonight. If we were the betting kind, we'd put money on both of them remaining in the thick of the battle on 'The Voice.'

Tune in tomorrow night (Nov. 20) to see who stays and who goes.

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