Every individual in the state of Texas is looking for one simple thing: relief from this heat wave. We all can be real with each other, the heat has stayed too long and our air conditioners are pretty much tired at this point aren't they? But, it seems like Summer may never end at this rate.

It's a worrying sign when 90 degrees feels like 70 degrees isn't it? Plus, the lack of rain in the state is an alarming situation itself. But is their an end in sight due to this at all?

With fall approaching, some are hoping that temps drop just a little so we can enjoy the outdoors more. With the recent outlook from the NOAA, fall might be a little bit warmer.

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NOAA Outlook For The State Of Texas In Fall 2023

First here's the map from the NOAA shows for the nation:


According to the map shown, it looks like the Texas 2023 fall may be just a little more warm than we'd like. Which, if you heard that massive sigh, that was all of us sadly.

However, let's look another map, that many are hoping will show better results: the rainfall potential for the Lone Star State:


Thankfully, it looks rain could soon be back in the forecast for Texas. While, a little part of Texas looks like it will have less rain, it'll be a welcome change for all of us to see water fall from the sky.

Hopefully, for all of us, we have more rainfall and less heat than the map says!

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