The Texas heat makes every uncomfortable doesn't it?

When someone first mentions moving to the Lone Star State, it's the one thing everybody mentions isn't it? Beside the congratulations received, the heat the state goes through has raised many an eyebrow. After we've seen triple digit temperatures for an extended period of time, some have wondered if the state will ever cool down.

Thankfully, for those wondering about weather trends, future forecast data for Texas does indeed exist. As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon provided the data. This weather report was updated from 2021, where he looked at the data from 1900 to 2036.

For those wondering if the state of Texas is set to cool off in the future, things aren't looking so good.

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How Hot Will Texas Get In The Future?

Per the data, the Lone Star State has seen a 0.29 increase in temperature since 1950. In addition, it was also reported that per decade, the state saw a 0.62 increase in temperature. Due to this, the report says the state should expect triple digit weather more often in the future.


Per Nielsen-Gammon, “Triple-digit days are well on their way to being about four times as common by 2036 than they were in the 1970s and 1980s." Overall, it is estimated Texas will be seven degrees warmer by 2036. This also causes worries for two major things: wildfires and droughts.

Due to the previously mentioned increase in heat, droughts in the state may be more extreme. The growth in heat will also affect wildfire seasons in the state, making them much longer.

Hopefully, this data will prove to be nothing more than simple estimates, and not truly the future.

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