Naming a baby is tricky. Most parents want to name their baby something special, but not so special they spend a lifetime trying to explain or spell it (I'm looking at YOU, Mama).

I have only met one other person in my entire life that spelled the name 'Tamme'  the same way I do. When we discussed it, she told me her parents wanted to spell her name the way it sounds. My mother felt the same way! I always have to spell my name, and every time I do, the person needing it questions me as if I'm unsure about the spelling.

However, it could be much worse. Here are three names that are illegal to give your child in the state of Texas - for good reasons, as you will discover.

Naming Laws in Texas

According to, in Texas, you’ve got to stay under 100 letters total for the first, middle and last name. So you may name your baby John Smith III, but not John Smith the 3rd.

In 1984, Sandra Williams, from Houston, Texas wanted to give her baby a record-breaking name. It took her six months to come up with one for her daughter, featuring a combo of relatives, movies, and cars.

The unique first name took a very long time for the girl, (who answers to the name of 'Jamie'), to learn. Her mother explained that she had to record the name on a tape, and play it back to her over and over.

On a 1997 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, she pronounced it:

The name also caused Texas to change the law, so no one else would be able to give any child a name with over 100 letters.

  • #3 - Zoë instead of Zoe - In Texas, you're not allowed to use special characters or diacritical marks like accents (é,í), tildes (ñ, õ) or umlauts (an umlaut is a symbol that is written over vowels. like ë).

Some Other Things That Are Against The Law In Texas

Many states still have strange laws on the books that aren’t enforced or taken seriously anymore, and Texas is no exception.

Most of these laws are just funny now, but at one time, there was a valid (or at least somewhat valid) reason for them to exist.

Texas has plenty of strange rules and regulations that you could technically be prosecuted for if you violate them, since they've never been amended. Some of these are only for specific cities and not state-wide, but all of them are pretty odd!

Let's take a look at 10 of the weirdest ones in the Lone Star State.

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