When I was very young, my father instilled in my sisters and me that family is everything. When you don’t have a friend in the world, or significant other to love you the way you wanna be loved, family will always be there for you.

With my father's words in mind, writing this article not only infuriates me, but it truly disappoints me when thinking about how many sick people there really are out there in the world.

Keep in mind when I say sick people, I don’t mean someone who is physically sick, I mean a perverted, disgusting person.

Alejandro and Christian Trevino definitely understand that family means everything, as did their friend Juan Melendez. However, the trio are now at the center of a homicide investigation after a man accused of sexually assaulting a minor was found dead.

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This statement probably makes you ask, well, why would I think that they are all about family. To be honest, I have mixed emotions about this particular article because the Trevino brothers felt that they were protecting another family member, Gabriel Quintanilla was again the Trevino brothers stepfather he was recently accused of sexually assaulting the boy's nine-year-old sister. According to KRGV Gabriel Quintanilla's has already been recently charged with sexual assault of a child and assault violence on a family member at that particular time, so it doesn’t necessarily help his case or give me a reason to show any compassion to someone who has been a predator to a child.


Courtesy of Hidalgo County Sheriff
Courtesy of Hidalgo County Sheriff



From my understanding, the incident escalated pretty fast.

It reportedly started with the Trevino brothers confronting their stepfather after he was accused of sexually assaulting their sister. Investigators say they ended up getting into altercations, with Juan Melendez assisting them in the assault on Gabriel. Once the Trevino brothers and their friend Juan felt that Gabriel'd had enough, they walked away from the scene.

Later on that day, the brothers reportedly saw Quintanilla one more time and assaulted him again, this time using brass knuckles. According to KGBT, there was severe blunt force trauma to the man's head and he later died.

Each one of these young men could be facing lengthy prison stays, especially Christian Trevino and Juan Melendez. They are being charged with capital murder, as well as aggravated assault and engaging in criminal activity. Juan even has possession of marijuana charge.

Alejandro also faces charges, of aggravated assault and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Each one of these young men's bail is set for $1 million.

I understand the frustration, and unfortunately, I also get that they were trying to protect their nine-year-old sister. I just wish they would’ve let the Hidalgo County District Attorney prosecute Gabriel. That way he would’ve spent a very long time in prison. We don’t know what’s next for these young men’s future, but we will keep you updated.

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