It's early, but I plan on doing my own research on this project. Where do you get the best Ice Cream treat in Central Texas.

Yes, you could just go to the store, buy your ice cream, then retreat back to you home and continue to hide from the world. Lord knows I've been doing that for a few years. I'm always looking for a reason to leave the house on the weekend, and what better reason than ice cream.

I remember as a kid, the one month of summer we had, it was always nice to come in from the heat and have a bowl of ice cream to get that core temp back down to normal. I'm looking forward to trying that again this summer with a Texas heat stroke.

I need a map of what's good, so I'm turning to Yelp to start.

  • Waffle Cone

    Copperas Cove

    It looks the best is in Cove. The Waffle Cone is sporting 5 stars. Location: 508 Cove Terrace Shopping Ctr, Ste E in Copperas Cove, TX.

  • Grand Avenue Theater


    Now this one is exciting. An ice cream parlor in a movie theater. How did this not rate a 5 just for the idea is beyond me.

    Via Yelp
  • Rock N Roll Ice Cream Parlor


    I can feel the ever popular ice cream headache coming on just looking at this amazing concoction. Burrr!

    Via Yelp
  • GoGo's Frozen Yogurt


    This place pulled 4 and a 1/2 stars on Yelp. Well a sweet treat is a sweet treat, even if it might be fairly good for you.

    Via Yelp