July was National Ice Cream month, and we all know you don't need record summer heat to want to grab a cone in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, but it sure doesn't hurt the cause either. Ice cream shops are almost more common on a Lone Star State street corner than a carwash or bar-b-que joint.

Which is why when I discovered that the favorite flavor of ice cream in Texas isn't even ice cream you immediately start asking for receipts. How could it even be a possibility in the home state of Blue Bell Ice Cream that the favorite flavor in Texas is not even technically ice cream?

If the favorite type of ice cream in Texas is not ice cream, how did it get the title?

That is a really good question, but apparently we have Instacart to blame. Based on order fulfillment by Instacart drivers, after you exclude vanilla (because is there any way you actually thought vanilla wasn't going to be top), the number 1 most merchandised sweet treat in the ice cream category is rainbow sherbet.

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This does feel like it could be a pretty good debate around any dinner table, but let's be honest. The real conversation that needs to occur is how do you pronounce sherbet?

Somehow, someway, some time ago, people started throwing a second R into the name, and now almost everyone calls it sherbert. Trust me when I tell you, a little red squiggly line is under the word just above this, and that is because it is Not. A. Word.

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