When we came across this story from WKMG-TV, we had to share.

4-year-old Bella Graham of Edgewater, Florida lost her mother, Jessica Graham, to a pulmonary embolism two years ago. She's being raised by her grandmother, Laura Fisher, who bakes cakes for a living.

Jessica's birthday is coming up, and little Bella worried her mom wouldn't have a cake in Heaven. Laura could tell it was bothering Bella, so she came up with an idea - why not make a cake for Jessica, then mail it to Heaven?

"They mail hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa every year," Laura told WKMG. "Heaven isn't that much further."

Laura got in touch with her local post office, and the day Bella showed up, the opened an express line just for her so she could get that special package on its way.

It's ok if you cried a little. We did too.

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