Our schools are struggling to serve students right now due to the pandemic and other factors, and when a Temple, Texas cop saw that a helping hand was needed to mold young minds, he stepped up to do the right thing.

Put Down the Badge and Pick Up the Chalk

KCEN-TV's Jasmin Caldwell shared the story of Temple PD Officer Undrea Mitchell, who was happy to step into the classroom when a Temple ISD sub suddenly had to call out.

Officer Mitchell ended up filling in to teach AP Science at Travis Science Academy back in January. He not only delivered a lesson on the parts of the atom and their discovery, and even gave a quiz on the topic. (Ok, maybe the kids didn't like that last part.) The officer said he has a passion for science anyway, so it sounds to me like this was a perfect fit.

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This Is the Serve Part of Protect & Serve in Action

I find Jasmin's report to be absolutely inspiring. Officer Mitchell understands that it takes a village for us to mold these young minds into something great. The fact that he took civil duty to another level is absolutely amazing.

Truly An Inspiration

I remember when I was in school and science was my favorite subject. I thought I would grow up one day and be the scientist who discovered a cure for cancer. Obviously I've taken a very different path in life, but I still admire those great educators who inspire their students and encourage them to be whatever they set their minds to.

I guarantee you none of the students in that classroom will ever forget Officer Mitchell or how he inspired them. What a great role model.

I want to say thank you to Officer Mitchell. You are absolutely amazing, and it does not go unnoticed.



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