In the latest of a long list of teams getting rid of proven Quarterbacks to replace them with young, talented and (I'll admit it) dynamic, and very inexperienced young men, the San Francisco 49ers are set to send Veteran Quarterback and former first round draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.  After posting seven years of solid statistics, leading the 49ers to the NFC Championship last year and winning six of eight games this season before having to sit because of a concussion, Alex Smith is being kicked to the curb.

Fair?  I don't think so...  However it seems to be the current trend in the NFL to invest the future of your team in young immature and very talented men.  Please don't take this as me putting down Colin Kaepernick, as he also played really well to end the season, but it just seems a little too risky for my taste.  Perhaps I am wrong... perhaps not... Only time will tell... Well time and you guys... What do YOU think?