Down at the radio station we got to talking about cool places we used to go as kids that are no longer around. Everybody remembers one or two. What's yours?

If you did grew up in Texas, here's a trip down memory lane! Sadly, these "Texas favorites" are also no longer around today, but don't they look like so much fun? If you used to visit these places, please tell us about it!

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    Aqua Fest - Austin, Texas

    Who remembers a trip down to Town Lake in Austin for the raft races? About 8 minutes into this newscast from 1984, there is a chance to re-live the fun on the water! Check it out. You might see yourself or your parents in the raft race/boat parade!

    Imasportsphile III via youtube
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    Astro World (1968-2005)

    The Houston theme park "Astro World" closed after the 2005 season. Gone but not forgotten, check out this video of some shots from this classic summer destination!


    coasterfreak via youtube
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    Aquarina Springs, San Marcos

    Aquarina Springs used to be open in San Marcos from 1951-1996. Glass bottom boat rides on Spring Lake became a popular way to relax. Also a favorite for kids and teens, who remembers Ralph the swimming pig and his epic "Swine Dive"?




    scubadudeproductions via youtube
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    Peppermint Park, Houston, Texas

    Kid size rides, giant size fun! Who remembers Peppermint Park in Houston?

    Jennifer Bates via pintrest
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    Hanna-Barbera Land - Spring, Texas

    Hanna-Barbera Land actually existed? Yes!

    Hanna-Barbera land just couldn't compete with Astro Land though, so it only stayed open for a couple of years. We found the old TV commercial online.

    What else was great growing up in Texas? Let us know!


    houstontvnews via youtube