Are you ready for this year's Father's Day? It's coming up quick (Sunday, June 21), and we want to make sure you find something dad will love while you still have a little bit of time to shop. We scoured Amazon Prime for last minute deals that will arrive before it is too late. If you don't think any of these items will work for you dad, there is no shortage of stuff you can find him that we know he will love. He is our pick for the 5 coolest and most useful gifts this year.

  • Amazon

    GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler and Craft Beverage Dispense

    Amazon Prime, $99

    The most convenient, most affordable, most "go anywhere" carbonated growler ever. 64 oz vacuum insulated pressurized personal beverage container that keeps beverages carbonated and fresh for weeks. Features a fully integrated patented automatic carbonation cap, carry handle and locking tap. The uKeg GO is portable and will keep your beverages cold for 7-9 hours and fresh for weeks.

  • Amazon

    Gillette Heated Razor Kit

    Amazon, $199

    The heated razor by Gillettelabs offers the soothing luxury of a hot towel shave with every stroke. Designed to quickly and evenly warm skin and maintain a soothing temperature throughout your shave, this razor helps turn a daily task into a welcoming experience. The warming bar heats up in less than a second and is designed with an adjustable temperature for you to easily choose between two levels of heat (109 degrees F and 122 degrees F) to achieve optimal comfort. Its has four intelligent heat sensors that allow the razor to maintain a safe and consistent warmth, while five blades ensure a comfortable, close shave. Flexdisc technology contours to your facial features to ensure contact with the warming bar on each stroke. The razor IR fully waterproof and designed with a premium grade aluminum zinc handle. It charges on a wirelessly on a magnetic stand so it's ready when you are.

  • Amazon

    SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet

    Amazon, $59.95

    The Voodoo Hawk Mini is a small, heavy-duty Multiuse Axe designed for the tactician as well as the practical user – A great all-around camping Axe, backpacking Axe, survival Axe and throwing Axe with a versatile ballistic nylon carry sheath. Use the Voodoo Hawk at Home, in camp and on the trail, and even discover the ease of using it at a distance as a very formidable throwing Hatchet and tactical Axe.

  • Amazon

    Deluxe Grill Set

    Amazon, $59.99

    The Cuisinart 20 Piece Deluxe Grill Set provides you with all the essential grilling tools and also includes a bonus Digital Temperature Fork! And this 20 piece set conveniently comes in a stylish and durable aluminum carrying case. These grilling tools will be your best friend at the grill and the digital temperature fork will take the guesswork out of grilling. You'll even be able to grill at night since the temperature fork has an integrated LED light that shines brightly down on your food. And with a backlight display, timer function, and an alarm that alerts you when food is done, you will have all of your bases covered. Professional stainless steel design and Cuisinart quality make this 20 piece tool set the perfect set for anyone, whether he or she is an amateur griller, an average seasonal griller, or a professional chef.

  • Amazon

    AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

    Amazon, $169.99

    AirPods are changing the music- and podcast-listening game. Dad will wear these wireless headphones everywhere, all the time.