When you think of Texas houses, most people think of South Fork. Sure, a nice ranch house will work well in Texas, but the state also offers some other unique options.


  • Chinese Mansion

    Temple Texas

    It has a cactus garden, English tea garden, and Oriental garden complete with a Buddha statue. Some even call it the Great House of Buddha. It was built from 1914 to 1916 by Dr. Woodson, one of the first surgeons associated with Kings's Daughters Hospital in 1896, and Scott & White in 1904. It cost $35,000 to build in 1914, which would be around 1.38 million in today's economy.

  • Munster Mansion

    Waxahachie Texas

    If you love to wax nostalgic, then you'll love the Muster Mansion in Waxahachie.

    It's a replica of the house used in the 60s sitcom "The Munsters". Sandra and Charles McKee recreated every room per the TV show. They even have a custom-made reproduction of Grandpa’s electric chair and the coffin phone booth.

  • Steel House

    Lubbock Texas

    Look! In the distance! It's a Spaceship! It's a Pig! It's a Bond Villian! Nope, it's the Steel House.

    Lubbock is where you need to go to see Robert Bruno's work of love. He started in 1974 and welded on the 150 tons of steel until his death in 2008.


  • The Beer Can House

    Houston Texas

    If you head to Houston to watch the big game, you might want to head to West Houston to see the Beer Can House.

    It cost $2 to enter to see the house of John Milkovisch. He didn't want to repaint the house or mow the lawn, so he decided to plaster his home with beer cans, giving a whole new meaning to "Aluminum Siding"

  • Austin Castle House

    Austin Texas

    It feels good looking at it, plus it offers a great look at downtown Austin.

    It was originally the residence of game designer Richard Garriot. It was also known, at one time, to host the most elaborate haunted house in America.