We're "Doing It Country" in Central Texas, and so are you! Here's a look at 5 ways every day is just better in Texas!

  • 1

    Start your day off "Better in Boots"

    A 'King Of Country' music ring tone on your morning alarm will have you hopping out of bed and right into your boots! Leave the dress shoes for the city slickers!

    Boots N More via facebook
  • 2

    Relax on the River

    Tubing may be the most relaxing way to spend a hot summer day in Texas. A visit to TexasTubes.com will get you some great recommendations!

    Concan Texas via facebook
  • 3

    Jack Up The Truck And Go Muddin'

    What's more fun then muddin' in your pick up? Oooooeeeee!

    Busted Knuckle Films via facebook
  • 4

    Cool Off With Some Sweet Tea

    Keepin' it cool, Keepin' it Country. We're BIG on Sweet Tea in Texas!

    Pure Leaf Iced Tea via facebook
  • 5

    Queso for Dinner

    No matter what you've had to eat today, there is always room for what some call the "Liquid gold" of Texas! #Quesodip!

    Girls Life Magazine via Twitter