I've lived here in Bell County for about four months now. Everyone asks me why I moved from California to Texas and my answer is always, "because I wanted change." I would get skeptical looks.

So far there are no regrets. I've learned that I love the open skies, the horizon to infinity, the food, and the people - y'all are great. It's supposed to rain this weekend but I have my sights set on the summer, so I'm slowly compiling a list of to-dos in Texas. The list could arguably go on forever much like the roads from one major city to the next in the lone star state. So here are six places i plan to go in the next few months.

Believe me, there's room for more and I have done a lot already. Maybe you have some suggestions because if you do, I'm all ears. Also, maybe anything closer? =)

Guadeloupe Peak

San Jacinto Battlefield

Tyler Rose Festival

The Rose Queen and her protective canopy. 🐠☀️🌹

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Big Bend National Park

Mariscal Canyon Reflections #bigbend #nationalpark #bigbendtrailcrew #findyourpark #VisitBigBend #riogrande

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Panhandle Plains Museum

Buddy Holly Center

Because, Buddy Holly. #Lubbock #BuddyHollyCenter

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