Texas is everywhere in music; we've seen many bands mention Texas in their songs (and that goes for Texas CITIES). But which bands actually have Texas in their band NAME? There have been a handful so let's take a look at bands WITH Texas in their name:

Texas Hippie Coalition:

How proud of Texas are these guys? Well the Denison metal band's first album was called: Pride of Texas. They've been around since 2004 & they're still active today. In fact they've thrown in the Texas flag during a few of their music videos like in their 2012 song, Turn It Up.

Sons Of Texas:

From McAllen, TX, the Sons Of Texas really became popular in 2015 after their album Baptized in The Rio Grande was released. Sadly they're no longer around but that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy their music.

But you don't have to be FROM Texas to have Texas in your name; as we'll see from these next examples:

Texas In July:

If you've been in Texas during July, you know the weather gets HOT! And that was probably the inspiration for the name Texas In July. The 5 piece Christian band from Ephrata, Pennsylvania was active between 2007 & 2015 before finally calling it quits. If you've been to Vans Warped Tour back in the day, you might have seen them.

Texas Tornados:

Bet you weren't expecting to see a Tejano supergroup on this list? The Tex-Mex band formed out of San Francisco, consisted of Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers & Doug Sahm. They actually took their name from Sahm's song "Texas Tornados" & they've been active since 1989.

Little Texas:

When you think Texas, you might think country. Well there IS a country group called Little Texas out of Nashville founded in 1988. A couple of the members (Tim Rushlow & Dwayne O'Brien) DID play together in Arlington before the group was formed. So there IS that bit of Texas that carried with them.

I'm sure it also inspired when they wrote one of the unofficial anthems for the state; fans of the Dallas Cowboys & Texas Rangers will instantly know this song.


I've been waiting to talk about THIS group for a while; possibly the most famous band with Texas in their name is simply....well... TEXAS. The Scottish alt-rock band from Glasglow has been around since 1986 & it baffles me that they never really made it big in the States, let alone....Texas.

They're still touring & recording to this day. I know their sound isn't exactly the first thing when you of Texas music. But maybe one day the state of Texas will include Texas's name into our giant library of national pride songs.

Texas Voodoo Stomp:

Of course I couldn't leave out El Paso; of the bands named Texas from the Sun City, Texas Voodoo Stomp is still rockin' to this day, performing all around town & recording music.

Other bands from El Paso I'd recommend checking out are: Texas Cut Throat, Texas Taliban & Texas Gigantism.

I guess there's not much left to say except... God Bless Texas.

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