It is official I am a Loser and a Hater, all because of who won that 400 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.

We don’t even know who it is because in  South Carolina, where the winning ticket was sold, you can remain anonymous.

The Lottery folks there did offer these tidbits.  The person who claimed the money is a man, from Columbia, South Carolina. A few hours before the drawing last Wednesday, he was driving home when his wife called to say she needed hot dog buns.  He pulled into a Murphy's Express convenience store to get some, but the store didn't have them.  So he decided to spend the $20 bill he had on lottery tickets.

It was only the SECOND time he'd ever bought lottery tickets in his LIFE.   The next day he realized,  HE WON!  The first 'other being' he told, was the family dog.

The full jackpot was actually $399.4 million.  It's the fourth-largest in Powerball history, and lottery officials didn't say if he took the lump sum of $233 million, or the annual payouts. The store gets 50 thousand dollars.

Only the SECOND time he’s ever bought lottery tickets!   I have been playing for over 20 years!   If I see that guy I am going to punch him in the face!

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