Didn't win the Powerball last night? Join the club.

Saturday (1/9) night's record $949.8 million lottery has been a major point of conversation this weekend (as well as through the week), with everyone's mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, neighbor, coworker, friend, milk man, cable guy, DMV officer, therapist, etc. talking about it. But the common citizen hasn't been the only kind of person chatting up the big drawing. Celebrities from far and wide have been taking to Twitter over the past few days to air their (diverse) thoughts about the jackpot.

Ranging from self-deprecating to hopeful to disappointed, comedians, reality TV stars, musicians and more can't seem to keep quiet about it, like former Hills star Heidi Montag who tragically didn't win the extra dough to help Spencer Pratt expand his spectacular crystal collection:

Others, like Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams, expressed cocky optimism before soon admitting to soul-crushing defeat (because, hey, you don't use that Kimoji lightly):

Some, like pop artist Christina Perri and Frozen actor Josh Gad, simply tried to remind folks about the things that really matter in life and help people to keep things in perspective:

And some stars just wanted to joke around:

Luckily, it looks like nobody actually won Saturday night's drawing, which means that the jackpot may rise to an obnoxious $1.3 billion just in time for the next drawing set to take place on Wednesday January 13. This also means that people just like you—and Kim Kardashian—have a second chance at winning a life full of excess, luxury, and never hearing the word "no." You know, just like, uh...

Good luck out there!

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