Do you remember how old you were when you first dreamed you could fly? To this day I

There's man on the wing of this plane!

still have the dream where I'm able to defy gravity. It's one of the dreams that I have that angers me when I wake up, because I liked the dream  more than the reality.

Yves Rossy has figured out a way to make the dream a reality. He's known as The Jetman, and he and his team has developed a Jet Wing that Yves is attached to. It has no rutters or flaps. The steering is done by Yves body. He jumps out of a plane and hits the power and suddenly Yves Rossy is living the dream.

He's been flying for a few years now, and when each new video get posted on YouTube it's a treat to watch. In the latest one I've found, Yves is flying with a friend. Oh, and a Emirates Airbus A380.

"There's man on the wing of this plane!"

O.K. Not on the wing, but just off of it.