Being a good person is important. Being a good Texan is a must. One factor of being a good Texan is being a kind and courteous driver.

There are lots of folks who travel through the lone star state and their only impression of us is who we are on the roads. The Texas Department of Transportation posted a little reminder on their Facebook page this morning to be friendly when behind the wheel.

It got me thinking about how important it is to be a nice driver. We're all ambassadors of Texas and we need to represent this great state well.

The post mentions giving the "thank you" wave when a kind stranger lets you in. Totally, should always do that. I get a little petty when I don't get the wave from someone I let in and give my own little "you're welcome" wave. I'll stop doing that. Kindness isn't always appreciated and I need to accept that.

So, yes you're late and yes bumper to bumper traffic is not fun. But it could be a lot worse. When I accidentally cut someone off I feel terrible and would take an extra ten minutes to my commute to take it back. So be kind, be a Texas driver, you'll get where you're going.



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