I'm pretty darn lucky. For a lot of folks, 'National Boss's Day' isn't a day they want to celebrate, but instead are forced to. Gosh, how many folks would die inside if they got caught talking about their employer at the water cooler? I've never had that problem.

So I would like to take a moment to celebrate my, as of yesterday, "former" boss, Wes Adams.

wes and haven 2

I first met Wes about a year ago at the Townsquare Media job fair. From the get-go, I had an idea of what kind of guy he is.

We sat down for a 15-minute interview where I was informed of everything I asked about in great detail and given so much more in an honest, easy to understand way. We shared stories from past experiences (Wes has a million great stories), and I left with respect and fondness for the man who would hire me a few months later.

While employed for Townsquare Media, there hasn't been a day where I wasn't grateful for Wes taking time out of his extremely full day to share his knowledge with me in a way that was nothing but helpful. If I asked for help he would give it without hesitation, but most of the time I wouldn't need to - he would volunteer.

Most bosses don't do that, and often those that do don't do it right.

He did it right.

He put up a touching thank you to Central Texas last night. Click here to read it.

I wish him the best with whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue as he moves on. Thank you, Wes. You're what this day is all about.


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