I didn't find the audio I was looking to find, but I found something almost as good.  I dragged my then-4-year-old son into the studio back during my rock radio days and had him record some IDs for me.  VERY Throwback Thursday.

I was searching around, trying to find a copy of my son's interview with WWE wrestler The Miz from years back.  The WWE was coming to Ft. Hood, and I decided to let my (then) WWE superfan son, Tyler, do the interview.  He did great, and the Miz played along like a champ.

However, that's not the audio I found labeled "Tyler Cuts".  I found what turned out to be Tyler's first time hanging out in the radio studio with me, recording audio so I could make some station IDs.  I can't remember exactly when this was recorded, but I'm guessing sometime around 2006, when Tyler was 4-years-old.

Tyler is now 12, hitting puberty, and has a girlfriend AND much deeper voice.  I'd say I was going to play this audio for her to embarrass him, but it's too cute to be embarrassing.  If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me.  I'm having my 4-year-old son talk about being locked in the closet or having me kick his puppy.  Father of the year over here!!

The things that stand out in this video are the fact that he took direction surprisingly well.  He doesn't do that anymore.  Also, he's always got to go off on his own and try to do his own thing.  His last question to me about an idea he has for the IDs is something he still does today.