I am half-heartly watching "The Voice" this season. I am much more of an "American Idol" fan and no matter how lame the show has gotten since Simon left, I am still loyal. I do enjoy Blake Shelton as a judge on The Voice, but I have never liked Adam Levine.


I have always found him condescending, cocky and snide...but after his comments from last night were accidently caught on a the microphone and broadcast to the world, he can just suck it.

Listen at the 1:14 mark in the video from last night's elimination show where Adam clearly says, "I hate this country" right before America's votes eliminated his team mates Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons and spared his other finalist Amber Carrington.

I realize that it was just said in the heat of the moment, but I still didn't take too kindly to his comments.

What does Adam have to say about being busted voicing his 'hatred' for the country on live television?

He was just kidding. I even found THAT snide and cocky. Would it have killed him to just apologized to "this" country and gone on about his business? Nope...he had to be snide.

Pffftttt...some jokes are funny. That one wasn't.