American Idol champ Samantha "Just Sam" Diaz posted a reassuring update for fans on her social channels on Saturday (Aug. 27), following a hospital stay for an undisclosed illness.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Diaz is doing "okay" and "no longer in the hospital" as of this weekend, though she didn't share the exact nature of the health scare that caused her to be hospitalized. She did express frustration with the medical team and hospital that treated her, especially because the battery of tests she's sustained failed to provide answers.

"I'm tired of all the tests being done on my body," the singer wrote on her Instagram Stories. "I'm tired of being told that something is wrong but nothing is being done about it. I'm tired of feeling tired all the time, I'm tired of the pain and I'm tired of living like this every single day!"

The 23-year-old singer previously kept fans updated on her hospital stay, sharing that her weight had fallen to just 100 pounds.

"100lbs is crazyyy," she wrote on an Instagram Stories slide, along with a photo of a scale. "I seriously need help."

She also spoke out about her negative experience in the hospital, writing "I need a better hospital bruh" and "I hate it here tbh."

Diaz' Idol run took place in 2020; prior to that, she earned money as a subway singer in Harlem, N.Y. She won her season of the show and entered into a recording contract with Hollywood Records, but later brought herself out of that deal due to dissatisfaction with the label.

As she worked to release music independently, the artist made no secret of her financial and health challenges. "You ever been so hungry that you felt the inside of your stomach fold up. I literally hate it here," she wrote on Facebook in July. On Aug. 7, another post read, "I'm like 90lbs ... this is so sad."

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