Do you take sugar packets from restaurants? Do you steal your neighbor's Sunday paper just for the coupons? Do you separate the two-ply toilet paper to make it last longer? Maybe it’s time to move to one of these cities.

A list of the best cities for cheapskates will appeal to those of us who pinch our pennies so tight there’s copper residue on our thumbs.

Kiplinger’s created the rankings by looking at a variety of factors, including low costs of living, higher than average incomes, the number of free libraries and museums, amount of free events like concerts and lectures, and, perhaps, most telling of all, the number of Dollar General stores within 10 miles of each metropolis.

Omaha, Nebraska is a city wealthy with frugal folks – it topped the list, leading a mid-American renaissance of cheapness, with cities from Iowa, Ohio, Utah and Missouri well represented.

10 Best Cities for Cheapskates

1. Omaha, Nebraska
Ogden, Utah
Des Moines, Iowa
Columbus, Ohio
Raleigh, North Carolina
Cincinnati, Ohio
Salt Lake City, Utah
Austin, Texas
St. Louis, Missouri
Cedar Rapids, Iowa