Amy Poehler turned on the sass -- and we're not sure if she was kidding or not -- in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter promoting her and Tina Fey's return as Golden Globes hosts this Sunday, Jan. 12.

Each actress was asked the same questions, with Poehler shooting some down and passing and Fey appearing to be game for anything. Poehler and Fey were interviewed separately, but their answers are juxtaposed.

Was it all an act on Poehler's part? Hmm, we can't tell.

You have to read it to try and glean Poehler's mood. Did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed? You decide.

Some of her prickly responses? See 'em below!

A challenge: $1,000 if both of you wear Amy Adams' plunging blouse thing from 'American Hustle.'

Fey: First of all, if you think my going rate for anything is $1,000 you are looking at an old catalog. I get at least $12,000 to dress up in sexual costumes for people. I would wear that for free. You would not have to pay me to wear that.

Poehler: Oh eww, I don't want to even answer this question. Pass. Next.


NBC is now the Sound of Music network. Are you getting any pressure to do the whole show as a live musical number?

Poehler: OK, I see what you're doing, you're going to set up jokes. I'm not falling for that. I didn't say any of that. I've worked at NBC for 12 years so I'm happy they had a successful night of TV.

Fey: We're going to do most of Sweeney Todd but we're going to fit it in so it seems like a natural part of the show. It's exciting because we're going to kill a bunch of movie

stars. That doesn't sound right at all.

Poehler: You never know. We may just break into spontaneous song. Yeah, I'm going to play Todd.


After a lot of public criticism, SNL has added an African-American women to the cast. Do you think that criticism was warranted?

Fey: I think Kerry Washington did such a great job on the [Nov. 2] show [in a sketch that addressed the controversy]. And you saw how great it was for Jay Pharoah to have someone playing Michelle Obama opposite [his President Obama]. So I feel like they registered that really quickly and they've acted on it really quickly.

Poehler: Ugh, I don't want to talk about this. Pass.

The full interview is here.