On Monday night my world stood still as one of my closest friends posted to Facebook that the Gilmore Girls series was not quite finished.

Could this be real? Is it just a rumor? I had to find out, and know for a fact if Rory and Lorelei's story would continue with series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm.

According to an article on LATimes.com, we still don't know if the rumor is true. Speculation is that Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino will return to write and direct four 90-minute episodes for Netflix.

Fans of the show know the series did not end as Sherman-Palladino had originally intended. She was interviewed in 2006 by TV Guide, where she explained why she would not be returning for the final season of the show. She wasn't able to end the series in the way she would have liked.

Fans may finally get the reunion they've dreamed of, though it will undoubtedly be bittersweet due to the loss of Edward Herrmann.

TVLine.com reported Monday night that Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros. to make it happen. Maybe while we're waiting for the specifics we can all binge watch seven season series.